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Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Subject:New Music
Time:4:36 pm.
Mood: hungry.
I've been discovering all kinds of awesome music lately. I've really been into the electronica-type stuff. Some of those bands/groups and even DJs are so original! It's a nice change. I like liking new things. : )

I'm on Facebook, in case anyone is interested. Let me know. And Myspace.

Well, let's see. What's new? During the summer, I worked and went out. It was fun and also not so fun in parts. Now that it's over, I actually think I might feel better. But this might be due to the fact of I was quite down at types because of a break-up that I went through a while ago. Now, I'm just more optimistic.

I started my second year of university and actually like all my classes. They are much more interesting than the obligatory stuff you are forced to take within the first two semesters. I am studying English Lit and German, in case you were wondering.

I haven't travelled anywhere but someone from my mega trip of summer 2006 should be coming to see me right before Christmas. I am so excited for that! I hope she gets things organized. I'd like to take a couple days off of work to show her around Montreal or something.

I've been to a few shows: both nights that the Deftones were here, also I went to see Silverchair and met the opening band We Are the Fury. Super nice guys and great CD. Go check it out if you have a spare minute. They are on Myspace. I saw the Mystik Motorcycles, a band from France that I befriended while they were in town for a few months. I'm in their videoclip, for about 2 seconds total, but they are quite the characters. Also super sweet guys.

I moved again. With two friends. The apartment is much nicer than the previous one, although I quite often miss my bedroom from the other. If I could move my bedroom from the other place into this appartment, it would be perfect. One friend/roomie is eating all my expensive veggie/vegan food that I sometimes go out and buy. It's awful. Very disrespectful. I've told her not to multiple times but now I must be more direct or rude about it. This can't go on.

So, I'll leave it at that for now. If anyone has advice about this roommate situation (the one stealing my food), please leave a comment. I don't know what to do, short of yelling and swearing at her.
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Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Subject:It may seem that I never update...
Time:10:37 pm.
Well, it's basically true. And now I'm beyond drunk and stoned and I am posting in my journal. Go me.

Sorry guys, but this feels better than what life feels like.
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Monday, March 12th, 2007

Subject:Cell phones in a Library
Time:2:03 am.
One of my pet peeves is cellphones in inapropriate places.

One of the worst is in a FREAKING library.

Do NOT answer your cell in a library. Please. Have respect for everyone else.

You think you are being quiet, well you aren't.

Just turn it off. You'll live.


Inconsiderate bastards.
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Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Subject:No longer a hobo
Time:9:32 am.
Yesterday was my "visiting-appartments-to-see-if-I-get-along-with-the-potential-roommates-in-order-to-find-a-place-to-live" day.

2nd appartment visited was AWESOME, beyond-awesomely located, and quite affordable. I shall be living really close to school (about as close as you can get) with 1 (and soon another) girl (i dunno about the other) in a nice room with a window and a wooden floor.

Super happy about that.

Other than that, I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Hmmm.
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Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Subject:Room hunting
Time:7:41 pm.
Looking for an appartment is HARD WORK. And it's only my second day. Tomorrow, I have an appointment to go visit one. It's near the other campus of my university so we'll see how far from civilisation that means. I need to be close to a metro.

Sending off emails left, right and center. Haven't called yet. I'm working up to that.
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Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Subject:What a Day
Time:6:40 pm.
I got kicked out of my appartment. Probably for the best but still...right now, I feel okay but earlier, I was confused and really hurt by the way it all has been done. It's not really anybody's fault sucks nonetheless.

Currently looking for a "room for rent".

And I've had a huge migraine pretty much the whole afternoon. Not the best idea (being on the net).
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Monday, January 15th, 2007

Subject:Walking in a winter wonderland
Time:2:00 pm.
Mood: tired.
I didn't set my alarm last night so that my boyfriend could get up in time for work, so I was waking up every once in a while and checking the time. Of course, it was never 9:30am. And then, I checked and OOPSIES! It was 10am. He said he'd be there right on time. Good.

So me, being all weird, chomped down my breakfast and took my coffee to go, in order to be at school for my 11:15am class. And OOPSIES! It turns out it starts at 11:45am. Today is just a funny day for silly mistakes! : )

So, it's actually SNOWING. And I don't think they've cleaned the sidewalks because they are pretty hard to walk around on. I'm actually glad that it's looking like winter because, you know, it's winter.

So, after my tea, time for German homework and then I have German class from 6 to 8pm. And then I can chill. I'm already tired. 

Oh wait, I'm going to have to do more homework too. After German. Oh wellies!
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Sunday, January 14th, 2007

Time:11:49 pm.
Mood: good.
Weekend of stress: over. All those cigarettes smoked in stress and alcohol drank in stress made it bearable. Everything is OK.

Tomorrow, week of stress begins. Barf.

I have told myself not to by more cigarettes. I guess we'll see about that. They did calm me down...leave it to me to become addicted to something when that thing is starting to be banned and discouraged everywhere.


Have a pleasent day.
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Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

Subject:Yesterday and now
Time:10:00 am.
Mood: tired.
Yesterday, I ordered most of my books for school online. I saved a few bucks but it's still pretty expensive. You'd think, being in literature, that since you don't have to buy manuals but mostly novels that it might be cheaper. I don't think so.

I still also must buy a German dictionary. Just German. Not German-English. Have I had any luck with that? Nope. My teacher still hasn't answered my email about that one. I'll write her another.

My class/work conflict is almost resolved. The teacher for the class I will miss in order to work on Wednesdays will give me extra work (might be helping her with some research at another university or work for one of her other classes) so that I don't have to drop it. I'm really happy about that.

Last night, as I was trying to sleep, my roomies came back at around 12:30am and made lots of noise, turned on the biggest light in the house and just couldn't care less that I was "sleeping". After I told them, they continued their talking and turning on various lights and not caring that I was attempting to sleep. As a result, I slept like shit.

Today, I have to write a 2 page German essay on my dream job. Eeew. In the Subjonctive. That's going to be rather hard because the most I've written in German since I started these uni classes has been 8 sentences. I guess I should get on that soon. 

But first: COFFEE.
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Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Subject:Happy New Year
Time:5:55 pm.
Mood: tired.
Hello everyone. Just wanted to wish you all a happy New Year!

I hope that you are all enjoying yourselves or will be all enjoying yourselves on this wonderful New Year's Eve.

Be safe and have tons of fun!
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Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

Time:11:42 pm.
Mood: blah.
Have a merry one.
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Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Subject:My First Shift
Time:2:10 am.
Mood: good.

I just recently got back from my first shift at my new job. It was for training and everyone seems pretty cool except one girl who originally was nice but then got somewhat PMS-y towards the end of the evening with EVERYONE. Oh wellies.

That's about it. I'm trying to update more frequently. My roomies are all out partying and normally I'd be with them, especially on a Thursday night but I was working until 12:15am so yeah.

But now, I think I can officially relax and enjoy CHRISTMAS!

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Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Subject:Time for a post!
Time:4:24 pm.
Mood: awake.

That's me on Myspace.

So I quit Ben & Jerry's a while ago. Got a job last week at Quizno's and start tonight at 6pm. I'm not nervous yet but I'm sure once I get to the door, I'll start freaking out. Oh well, the people sound nice and it's not in an insanely busy location, I don't think. Well, it is when there is school but school's basically out now so I should be ok. Plus, being the night shift and all. Ooooh, I hope I like it.

It's almost Christmas, lovelies. Hope all your holiday plans are going well. People are getting stupid cheap presents from me this year. It sucks but I have no money. I did buy a stocking, sew the name on, fill it up with all kinds of goodies for once person but that ended up being pretty expensive. But he really liked it so I'm really happy about that. It was cute. 

Well, should get back to being productive in the house, cleaning or folding clothes!

Happy holidays!
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Monday, November 20th, 2006

Time:6:34 pm.
University is...special.

It sucks.
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Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

Time:1:39 am.
Mood: tired.

I can't sleep.

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Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Time:2:23 pm.
Mood: weird.
1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? I'm pink

2. How much cash do you have on you? Like, 7$

3. What's a word that rhymes with "DOOR?"? More

4. Favorite planet? Pluto, although it's totally been denied it's planet status. Taker Backers! They can't do that!

5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone? I don't have a cellphone. But the 4th person on my caller id on my real phone is Innah

6. What is your favorite ring tone on your phone? My telephone rocks

7. What shirt are you wearing? NYC

8. Do you "label" yourself? Nope

9. Name the brand of your shoes you're currently wearing? Socks

10. Bright or Dark Room? Depends, if it's night: dark

11. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you? She sounds really fun!

12. What does your watch look like? Black and silver...a digital watch

13. What were you doing at midnight last night? drinking and dancing <---- Me too!

14. What did your last text message you received on your cell say? I don't have a cell phone!

15. Where is your nearest 7-11? We don't have 7/11

16. What's a word that you say a lot? Fuck & gun

17. Who told you he/she loved you last? My mom

18. Last furry thing you touched? My winter coat

19. How many drugs have you done in the last three days? 0, sadly. I have drank all past 3 days though

20. How many rolls of film do you need developed? 0

21. Favorite age you have been so far? I dunno

22. Your worst enemy? Ya, I'm my own worst enemy

23. What is your current desktop picture? Some painting of a sunset. It's really pretty

24. What was the last thing you said to someone? Ooooooooooh (or something)

25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly what would it be? Million please

26. Do you like someone? Yes

27. The last song you listened to?  You (Switchfoot)

28. What time of day were you born? Like 10:51pm

29. What's your favorite number? My PHONE NUMBER haha

30. Where did you live in 1987? Toronto

31. Are you jealous of anyone? Surely

32. Is anyone jealous of you? Maybe

33. Where were you when 9/11 happened? In math class in high school

34. What do you do when vending machines steal your money? I hit them

35. Do you consider yourself kind? Usually

36. If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be? My back

37. If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be? German

38. Would you move for the person you loved? Yes

39. Are you touchy feely? Yes, especially when I drink

40. What's your life motto? Fun

41. Name three things that you have on you at all times? Clothes

42. What's your favorite town/city? Hmm...Hard to say. I quite like Montreal. But I loved all the cities I went to this past summer.

43. What was the last thing you paid for with cash? Beer

44. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it? About a month ago

45. Can you change the oil on a car? I think I have before

46. Your first love: what is the last thing you heard about him/her? He had a kid

47. How far back do you know about your ancestry? Not that far. I think my greatgrandparents were Russian or something. That<s about it

48. The last time you dressed fancy, what did you wear and why did you dress fancy?  My little black dress because we went to a latin club

49. Does anything hurt on your body right now? everything

50. Have you been burned by love? I guess so...I dunno
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Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Time:12:43 pm.
Ich habe nicht meine Hausaufgaben gemacht.

Ich bin eine Woche in Verzug.

This totally probably shows in my sentences but at least I can now understand most of what I read and actually put semi-decent sentences together.

Ich bin müde gewesen und ich habe eine Erkältung.

(Btw, if anyone knows enough German to be able to tell me if that sounds anywhere near grammatically correct, let me know. Thanks!)

I went to bed with a headache and I deliberately didn't take anything thinking I'd just sleep it off, but I woke up with the same headache. Also, I've been sleeping way more than usual. Even my roomate made a comment on that.

Last night, I went to see Imogen Heap. She is absolutely awesome live, because of all the stuff she does by herself. Plus, she talks to the audience and was absolutely gorgeous. I think I love her even more now. She also involved her opening acts (both incredible) in a lot of her songs which I thought was a great touch. One was called Levi Weaver and the other Kid Beyond. Levi is this incredible acoustic act and covered "Idioteque" by Radiohead (if anyone can find me his version of that, please, please, please, let me know. It's phenomenal) which he did by looping sounds and stuff. His voice on that song was so beautiful. Then, Kid Beyond is this crazy beatboxer. Never heard anything like him. He also uses looping but the sounds he can make with his was freaking me out! All these people are worth checking out. They all have sites on Myspace so go look! Kid Beyond  covered Portishead's Wandering Star  and it's on Myspace. You have to hear that! (If anyone can find me Kid Beyond's song "Cathedrals", let me know).

That's all for now, folks.
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Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Subject:It's cold outside
Time:2:09 pm.
Mood: sick.
So, it's fall in Montreal, Canada. The pretty coloured leaves have mostly all fallen and the days are way colder, shorter and very grey usually. I really dislike when it gets like that. Puts me in some sort of weird funk.

I've had some "cold" for over a week. My throat has been hurting for over a week. I even lost my voice for a few days.

Been spending way too much money, mostly on going out the past month. Bars/clubs/pool halls are so fucking expensive. Gotta stop that because spending all ones money on shit like that is just stupid.

I somehow have to motivate myself to find another job. For me, this is the hardest thing in the world. It just is.

School isn't that great. Not doing well in any of my classes except one. 

It was my birthday on the 30th of October. Turned 21.

And that was my update.
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Monday, October 9th, 2006

Subject:Not A Happy Camper
Time:2:12 pm.
So I just got my "tentative final exam schedule" for the semester and it FUCKING sucks! Why? Because it goes up to December 20th!!! I was supposed to go see my boyfriend over the Christmas holidays in England and now it will probably not be possible because of my stupid exams! I am not very happy right now, at all. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Now this means I will probably have to wait until Easter : s. I don't know how long my break is then...I'll go check. *goes to check* Okay well that looks more probable as university for me ends around that time. But FUCK that is such a long ways away. It makes me sad but I know I can wait because I really care about him but I hope he can wait too...Damn, I don't even want to think about that.

I want to go see him at Christmas. : ( 
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Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Subject:Did I mention
Time:4:37 pm.
Mood:I need to pee.

...I moved out? Well, I did. It's quite fun, actually. Living with a friend and one of her friends, a girl from Russia. I had only met her 2 times before I moved in with her. We all get along great. Had a few spats with the friend of friend but nothing serious.

I miss him.

I don't have my own computer or the internet at the appartment (I'm currently at my dad's) so that's probably why I never ever post anymore. Plus, I don't have much to say. : )

Hope all of you wonderful people are doing great!

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